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Manannan Mac y Leirr: An Old Ballad

MANANNAN Beg was son of Leirr,     
He was the first that e'er had Mann;     
But as it seemeth unto me,     
He himself was but a heathen.

'Twas not with his sword he kept her,     
Nor with his arrows, nor his bow;     
But when he would see ships sailing,     
He hid her right round with a fog.

He'd set a man upon a brow,     
You'd think there were a hundred there;     
And thus did wild Manannan guard     
That island with all its booty.

The rent each paid out of the land     
Was a bundle of green rushes;     
And that was on them for a tax     
Throughout the country each John's Eve.

Some went up with the rushes to     
The great mountain up at Barrule;     
Others would leave the grass below,     
With Manannan above Keamool.

In this way, then, they lived, I think     
Myself their tribute very small,     
Without care or anxiety,     
Or labour to cause weariness.

Old Ballad.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Manannan Mac y Leirr: An Old Ballad
Tale Author/Editor: Morrison, Sophia
Book Title: Manx Fairy Tales
Book Author/Editor: Morrison, Sophia
Publisher: David Nutt
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1911
Country of Origin: Isle of Man
Classification: Ballads

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