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Table of Proper Names with Pronunciation

Ahti (āch´-tee). Another name for Lemminkainen.

Ahto (āch´-to). God of the sea.

Ainikki (āë´nik-kĕe). Sister of Lemminkainen.

Aino (āë´no). Sister of Youkahainen.

Annikki (an´-nĭk-kee). Sister of Ilmarinen.

Hisi (hee´-see). Evil spirit; also called Lempo.

Iku Turso (ee´-koo-tūr´-so). A sea-monster.

Ilmarinen (il´-mā-ree´-nĕn). The famous smith.

Ilmatar (il´-mă-tar). A daughter of the ether, mother of Wainamoinen.

Imatra (ee´-mā-tră). Celebrated waterfall on the river Wuoksi, near Viborg.

Kalerwoinen (kal´-er-woi´-nĕn) (or Kalervo). Father of Kullervo.

Kalevala (kā´-lay-vā´-lā). The land of heroes. The home of the Finns. The name of the Finnish epic poem.

Karjala (kar´-yā-lā). The home of a Finnish tribe--a portion of Finland (called also Karelen in Swedish).

Kullervo (kŭl´-ler-vō). Slayer of the Rainbow-maiden.

Kura (kū´-ra). Ahti's companion to the Northland.

Lakko (lāk´-ko). Ilmarinen's mother.

Lemminkainen (lĕm´-min-kāë´-nēn). Also called Ahti. Son of Lempo.

Lempo (lĕm´-po). Same as Hisi; also the father of Lemminkainen.

Louhi (loo´-chee). Mistress of Pohjola.

Lowjatar (low´-yā-tar). Tuoni's daughter; mother of the nine diseases.

Lylikki (ly´-lĭk-kee). Maker of snow-shoes in Pohjola.

Mana (mā´-nā). Also called Tuoni; god of death.

Manala (mā´-nā-lā). Also called Tuonela; the abode of Mana; the Deathland.

Mariatta (Mar´-ĭat´-tă). The virgin mother of Wainamoinen's conqueror.

Mielikki (meay´-lĭk-kee). The forest-goddess.

Osmotar (os´-mō-tar). The wise maiden who first made beer.

Otso (ot´-sō). The bear.

Piltti (pilt´-tee). Mariatta's maid-servant.

Pohjola (pōch´-yō-lā). The Northland.

Ruotus (rū-ō´-tŭs). A man who gives Mariatta shelter in his stable.

Sampo (sām´-pō). The magic mill forged by Ilmarinen, which brought wealth and happiness to its possessor.

Suonetar (swō´-nĕ-tăr). The goddess of the veins.

Suoyatar (swō´-yă-tăr). The mother of the serpent.

Tapio (ta´-pĕ-ō). The forest-god.

Tuonela (tuo´-nay-la). The abode of Tuoni; the Deathland; Manala.

Tuonetar (tuo´-nay-tar). The goddess of Tuonela.

Tuoni (tuo´-nee). The god of the Deathland; Mana.

Ukko (ūk´-k(ō). The greatest god of the Finns.

Untamo (ūn´-tā-mō). Kalervo's brother.

Wainamoinen (wāë´-nā-moy´-nĕn). The chief hero of the Kalevala; son of Kapé.

Wipunen (wĭ´-pū-nen). The dead magician from whom Wainamoinen obtained the three lost words.

Wirokannas (wee´-rō-kan´-năs). The priest who baptized Mariatta's son.

Wuoksi (wūōk´-see). A river in South-Eastern Finland, connecting Lakes Saima and Ladoga.

Youkahainen (yoo´-ka-chāë´-nĕn). A great minstrel and magician of Pohjola.

REMARKS.--The Finnish h is pronounced as a guttural; nearly as Ger. ch in ich. This is represented by ch in the above list.

Every vowel should be pronounced by itself--not run together so as to make a totally different resultant sound, e.g. Aino should be pronounced not ī-nō, but ā´-ee-nō, the ā and ee being close together, with the greatest stress upon the ā, etc.

i corresponds to English y in year.




Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Table of Proper Names with Pronunciation
Tale Author/Editor: Eivind, R.
Book Title: Finnish Legends for English Children
Book Author/Editor: Eivind, R.
Publisher: T. Fisher Unwin
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1893
Country of Origin: Finland
Classification: Glossary

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