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About This Book

ONE of my friends tells me that you, little reader, will not like these old, old tales; another says they are too sad for you, and yet another asks what the stories are meant to teach.

                Now I, for my part, think you will like these Celtic Tales very much indeed. It is true they are sad, but you do not always want to be amused. And I have not told the stories for the sake of anything they may teach, but because of their sheer beauty, and I expect you to enjoy them as hundreds and hundreds of Irish and Scottish children have already enjoyed them--without knowing or wondering why.

                LOUEY CHISHOLM.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: About This Book
Tale Author/Editor: Chisholm, Louey
Book Title: Celtic Tales Told to the Children
Book Author/Editor: Chisholm, Louey
Publisher: E. P. Dutton & Co.
Publication City: New York
Year of Publication: 1910
Country of Origin: Ireland
Classification: Introduction

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