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Translator's Note

THE interesting and characteristic collection of Swedish Folk and Fairy Tales published by Baron Djurklou nearly twenty years ago, has, strange to say, escaped the attention of folk-lorists outside the country of their origin. They are written in the dialect of the Swedish peasantry, to the study of which the author has devoted so much time and labour, and they may therefore have presented difficulties in the way of translation into other languages. In the present English version of a selection from the tales the translator has tried to retain as far as possible the humorous and colloquial style of the original. The illustrations in the body of the book are by T. Kittelsen and E. Werenskiold, two well-known Norwegian artists, and the frontispiece is by Carl Larsson, the prince of Swedish illustrators.                                                     

H. L. B.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Translator's Note
Tale Author/Editor: Brækstad, H. L. (Hans Lien)
Book Title: Fairy Tales from the Swedish of G. Djurklou
Book Author/Editor: Djurklou, Nils Gabriel
Publisher: William Heinemann
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1901
Country of Origin: Sweden
Classification: Introduction

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