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Dead Alexander

WE READ, that at the death of Alexander a golden sepulchre was constructed, and that a number of philosophers assembled round it. One said: "Yesterday, Alexander made a treasure of gold, and now gold makes a treasure of him." Another observed: "Yesterday, the whole world was not enough to satiate his ambition; to-day, three or four ells of cloth are more than sufficient." A third said: "Yesterday, Alexander commanded the people; to-day, the people command him." Another said: "Yesterday, Alexander could enfranchise thousands; to-day, he cannot free himself from the bonds of death." Another remarked: "Yesterday, he pressed the earth; to-day, it oppresses him." "Yesterday," continued another, "all men feared Alexander; to-day, men repute him nothing." Another said: "Yesterday, Alexander had a multitude of friends; to-day, not one." Another said: "Yesterday, Alexander led on an army; to-day that army bears him to the grave."

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Dead Alexander
Tale Author/Editor: Morley, Henry
Book Title: Mediæval Tales [Gesta Romanorum Selections]
Book Author/Editor: Morley, Henry
Publisher: George Routledge & Sons
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1884
Country of Origin: Europe
Classification: unclassified

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