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Goat and the Fox, The

SurLaLune Note: This tale is from the footnotes to the previous tale, "Godmother Fox," but is provided also as a separate entry for the SurLaLune  database classification and searching ease.

A version of this story is found in Morosi's Studi sui Dialetti greci, Lecce, 1870.


ONCE upon a time a goat entered the den of the fox while the latter was absent. At night the fox returned home, and finding the goat fled because frightened by the horns. A wolf passed by, and was also terrified. Then came a hedgehog and entered the den, and pricked the goat with its quills. The goat came out, and the wolf killed it, and the fox ate it.


[Found in Morosi's Studi sui Dialetti greci, Lecce, 1870.]

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Goat and the Fox, The
Tale Author/Editor: Crane, Thomas
Book Title: Italian Popular Tales
Book Author/Editor: Crane, Thomas Frederick
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin and Company
Publication City: Boston
Year of Publication: 1885
Country of Origin: Italy
Classification: ATU 130: The Animals in Night Quarters

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