Outa Karel's Stories: South African Folk-Lore Tales | Annotated Tale

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Awa-skin: skin slung across the back to carry babies in.

Askoekies: cakes baked in the ash.

Baas: master.

Baasje (pronounced Baasie): little master.

Babiaan: baboon.

Berg schilpad: mountain tortoise.

Biltong: strips of sun-dried meat.

Bolmakissie: head over heels.

Bossies: bushes.

Broer: brother.

Buchu: an aromatic veld herb.

Carbonaatje: grilled chop.

Dassie: rock-rabbit.

Eintje: an edible veld root.

Gezondheid!: Your health!

Haasje: little hare.

Hamel: wether.

Jakhals draaie: tricky turns.

Kaross: skin rug.

Kierie: a thick stick.

Klein koning: little king.

Kneehaltered: hobbled.

Kopdoek: turban.

Kopje: hill.

Krantz: precipice.

Kraal: enclosure.

Lammervanger: eagle.

Leeuw: lion.

Maanhaar: mane.

Mensevreter: cannibal.

Neef: nephew.

Nooi: lady or mistress.

Nonnie: young lady: miss.

Oom: uncle.

Outa: old man: prefix to the name of old natives.

Pronk: show off.

Reijer: heron.

Riem: leathern thong.

Rustband: couch.

Sassaby or Sessebe: a South African antelope.

Schelm: rogue; sly.

Schilpad: tortoise.

Sjambok: whip of rhino or hippo hide.

Skraal windje: fine cutting wind.

Skrik: to be startled; also fright.

Slim: cunningly clever.

Smouse: pedlar.

Soopje: tot.

Taai: tough.

Tante: aunt.

Tarentaal: Guinea fowl.

Tover or toverij: witchcraft.

Vaabond: vagabond.

Vlakte: plain.

Voertsed: jumping aside suddenly and violently.

Volk: coloured farm labourers.

Volstruis: ostrich.

Vrouw: wife.

Vrouwmens: woman.

Zandkruiper: sand-crawler.

Bibliographic Information

Tale Title: Glossary
Tale Author/Editor: Metelerkamp, Sanni
Book Title: Outa Karel's Stories: South African Folk-Lore Tales
Book Author/Editor: Metelerkamp, Sanni
Publisher: Macmillan and Co.
Publication City: London
Year of Publication: 1914
Country of Origin: South Africa (Khoikhoi)
Classification: Glossary

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